Metal & Tile Products

Standing Seam – Standing Seam Panels are widely used on commercial buildings as well as on
residential homes for a clean look. Standing Seam Panels are available in a vast array of colors
and offer a rolled metal that can be pre-rusted for your building needs.

Corrugated Metal – Corrugated Metal is one of the newest trends used not only for roofing but
siding as well. Upon your preference the panels can be pre-rusted or they can be left to
weather and rust naturally with Mother Nature’s elements. The deep corrugations provide a
bold aesthetic shadow effect. The panels offer a unique look and naturally oxidizing finish
provides a beautiful color and texture that never needs upkeep.

Pro-Panel – Metal roofing has become increasingly popular as it has benefits that are becoming
more widely known. These panels offer durability and maintenance free care.  Some of the
finishes offered give a Class A Fire Rating and are Energy Star compliant.