Specialty Products

Clay and Tile – Clay and Tile roofing offer a beautiful appearance. There are numerous styles,
hundreds of colors and a variety of finishes are available which allows you to be your own
designer and to create a roof to suit any architectural style.  Roof tiles have been used for
centuries worldwide and are considered an all-natural alternative and are environmentally
friendly since they are manufactured with our chemical preservatives.

Composite and Synthetic Roofing – One growing trend in roofing is the move towards “Green
Products”.  Composite roofing has the classic, timeless look of clay roofing tiles and slate while
also offering the strength, flexibility and long-lasting appeal of today’s composite.

EPDM – EPDM is a rubber roof membrane used for commercial or low pitch residential roofs.
This system has replace the old “tar and gravel” method for many years providing a water proof
continuous membrane in limited colors.

Snow Retention – Snow Guards, Snow Bars and Snow stops are rooftop devices that help
prevent snow slides. They are designed to prevent costly roof damage, property damage and
personal injury damage from snow and ice.

Ice Melt Systems – Need we say more? We offer the Step Snow Melt system. A great additional
feature available to help protect your investment when facing some of our great winter